New communication and policy officer

Q: welcome to EFCI! Can you share a bit about yourself and your background?

Alessandro: Thank you! I’m Alessandro Oshiai, and I’m thrilled to have joined EFCI. Let me introduce myself, I’m a bit of a cultural cocktail—I’m half Italian, half Brazilian, with Japanese roots, all while being born and raised in Belgium. It’s a unique mix that I believe brings a fresh perspective to communication and policy.

Q: That’s quite a background! How did your educational and professional journey lead you to EFCI?

Alessandro: Well, I studied International Relations and Global Communication, which sparked my interest in the interconnected world we live in. Before EFCI, I was a Schuman Trainee at the European Parliament, working closely with the spokesperson and dealing with media matters. Later, I stepped into the world of banking at ICBC Brussels Branch, where I wore the hats of both Compliance and Communication Officer. These experiences have been important in shaping my passion for effective communication. Interestingly, the pandemic made me realize the often overlooked but crucial role of the cleaning sector. This industry, though essential, remains somewhat invisible. It became clear how cleaning, sanitation, and hygiene played a pivotal role in restoring confidence and safety post-pandemic. This realization fueled my decision to apply for the role of Communication and Policy Officer. This role allows me to contribute to elevating the visibility of an industry sector that has been instrumental in our collective response to the pandemic.

Q: Looking ahead, any specific goals or initiatives you’re excited to work on?

Alessandro: I’m looking forward to working closely with everyone and making a positive impact on EFCI’s communication and policy strategies. Meeting members in person during events. Working closely with our partners is pivotal to the renewed attention on the public dimension of EFCI’s work. In the last two months I’ve had the privilege of emphasizing this in meetings with Eurofound researchers, our counterparts’ colleagues in UniEuropa and of course our members. These engagements provide valuable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and aligning our goals to ensure a more robust and united front in the cleaning sector.