The Voice of the EU Cleaning Industry at Interclean, Amsterdam: Presenting EFCI and the European Context

Amsterdam, May 2024 – EFCI was present at Interclean Amsterdam, one of the premier exhibitions in the cleaning sector. This important event brought together industry leaders to discuss new trends, recent technological innovations, and policy issues critical to the sector’s development.

Our participation in Interclean Amsterdam 2024 underscored our commitment to advancing the cleaning sector through strategic advocacy, innovative practices, and robust policy development.

EFCI organized our General Assembly during the exhibition and presented our Manifesto to a broad, sector-oriented audience. The key topics covered in the Manifesto included:

Industry Recognition: Highlighting the cleaning industry’s significant contributions to economic development, social integration, and employment. We advocated for the establishment of a dedicated portfolio within the European Commission to address the unique needs of the labor-intensive services industry.

Public Health Integration: Calling for the integration of regular cleaning and sanitizing services into the EU’s future public health and emergency preparedness policies.

Public Procurement Revisions: Proposing a revision of EU public procurement provisions tailored to labor-intensive services, including the implementation of price-revision mechanisms.

Business Legislation: Urging future policymakers to adopt a new approach to business legislation that supports entrepreneurship and eliminates unnecessary administrative and regulatory burdens.

Greener Practices: Promoting the transition to greener industry practices within a supportive, business-friendly regulatory context that acknowledges and facilitates ongoing improvement efforts.

Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction: Emphasizing the critical role of cleaning activities in EU policies on buildings’ energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Social Dialogue: Reinforcing the political commitment to supporting EU social dialogue and safeguarding the autonomy and initiative of social partners within the new social policy agenda.

Skill Acquisition: Advocating for the acquisition of new professional skills for all, including easier recognition of informal competences and enhanced access to training opportunities, to increase the sector’s attractiveness.

Interclean Amsterdam 2024 also hosted the Global Executive Summit 2024, organized by the World Federation of Building Service Contractors in conjunction with the event. This exclusive two-day summit catered to Building Service and Facility Maintenance Contractors, providing executive education, insights, and networking opportunities. Attendees gained valuable perspectives on industry trends, customer challenges, and strategic changes necessary for future success.

The summit took place from May 14 to May 17, 2024, alongside Interclean Amsterdam. This event served as an unparalleled international business networking platform for the cleaning and hygiene industry. Participants of the Global Executive Summit had full access to the Interclean Amsterdam tradeshow, enhancing their experience and engagement with the global cleaning community.  We had engaging discussions led by President Lorenzo Mattioli, together with Philippe Jouanny from MONDE DE LA PROPRETE FEP, who joined the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) panel debate later in the afternoon. Jouanny discussed the vital role of facility management, especially during major events like the Olympics. He emphasized that skilled recruitment and effective management are essential for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety.