EFCI presents the Manifesto of the cleaning industry for the future EU legislative mandate

On March 6th, EU policymakers, industry representatives and will gather in Brussels to assist the unveiling of the industry Manifesto for the 2024-2029 institutional cycle and discuss the future of the sector.

Next June, EU citizens will be called to elect the 10th legislature of the European Parliament, 720 MEPs who will decide on EU policies for the next 5 years. Following the results of this election, the EU will renew the other main institutional bodies, starting a new political cycle.

Ahead of this pivotal moment for the definition of the future development trends of the European economy and society EFCI has taken the initiative to elaborate a series of specific policy priorities, whose achievement by EU policy makers is necessary to guarantee the efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability of the cleaning industry for the future. These priorities define together a Manifesto, marks EFCI’s vision for Europe’s future policy orientations to guarantee the development of its economic and social model.

The cleaning and facility management industry contributes significantly to the European economy, employing more than 4 million workers and generating a turnover of 120 billion € annually. Reflecting its specificity as a labour-intensive service industry, the Manifesto highlights the main . The document will be officially revealed in the course of a presentation that will take place next March 6th in Brussels, at the ACE Events conference centre. After a detailed introduction by EFCI President, Lorenzo Mattioli, illustrating the detail of each of the 8 priorities, a panel debate with a series of prestigious speakers from the industry, MEPs and other representatives of the EU business world will take place, discussing the prospects for a dynamic and thriving cleaning industry in Europe, supporting the overall EU economy. From facilitating enterprise in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment to defining new rules for public procurement, from recognizing the value of cleaning as an indispensable component of the EU economic fabric, these and other principles will be at the core of the discussions.

You are cordially invited to register and participate in EFCI’s presentation, which will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Please find herewith the link to read more about the program of the event and register.