EFCI at the meeting of the ELA’s Platform on Undeclared Work in Bratislava

Last 28 and 29 November EFCI ‘s President Mattioli attended the biannual meeting of the Platform on Undeclared Work organized by ELA, the European Labour Authority based in Bratislava. EFCI is an observer Member of the platform, which gathers delegates from Member States’ labour authorities and inspectorates as well as representatives of national and EU social partner organizations. The platform was officially established as a permanent working group within the Authority as a forum for cooperation, awareness raising and exchange of best practices in the field of undeclared work, i.e. “any paid activities that are lawful as regards their nature, but not declared to public authorities”.

During the 2 day-meeting, several topics have been discussed – from the renewed support to the lawful integration in the EU job market of Ukrainian refugees to the definition of the policy and communication program of the Platform’s work for the next year, from the launch of sectoral campaigns dedicated to the construction and catering sectors. This meeting session offered an opportunity to President Mattioli to restate the cleaning industry’s commitment to only adhering to declared work, cooperating with public authorities, labour inspectorates and trade unions to identify those market operators who prefer not to play by the rules, undermining the respect of legislation, competition and ultimately the provision of good quality to both customers and workers.