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The Cleaning Industry in Europe – EFCI’s Report (2020)

This report presents and analyses the latest sector data available by June 2020. It includes comparisons at European and national level, based on the most recent data available in Eurostat, and on indicators such as turnover, number of companies and employees.

Report available in English here.

Watch the report’s webinar presentation here.

The European Cleaning Industry 1995-2016 – Trend Report (2019)

This statistical report builds on the historical EFCI’s surveys and presents the evolution in the sector from different angles. It includes relevant comparisons at national level, based on the most recent data available through Eurostat.

Available in English here.

Available in Italian here.

The Digital Transition in the Cleaning Industry in France (2019)

This report has been developed by the Fédération des Entreprises de Propreté (FEP). It gives an overview and assesses the current digital trends in the industry, seeking to anticipate future evolutions in cleaning companies in the years to come. Among other, the report shows that, while the digital transition is changing the way services are provided, in the cleaning sector it impacts less directly the core profession than it does in mechanical industries or in services delivered on-demand and non-recurrent.

English brochure available here.

French brochure (La Transition Numérique dans le secteur de la Propreté) available here.

Selecting Best Value (2017)

The EFCI and UNI Europa have developed a guide for private and public organisations awarding contracts for public services. It assists buyers in their tendering process by guiding them through elaboration of tenders and developing the criterion that lead to the selection of quality services and the benefits attached to them. The guide was developed with the financial support of the European Commission and in the framework of the European Social Dialogue.

Guide available in 12 languages here.

The Cleaning Industry in Europe (2016)

This survey carried out by the EFCI provides a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the sector and its development over the last 20 years. It presents the most important socio-economical indicators (turnover, market penetration, number of companies, number of employees, work organisation, etc.) and compares the situation of the industry with the general economic context as well as with other service.
Update Edition 2016 (data from 2014).

Available in English.

Ergonomics in Cleaning Operations (2007)

General manual for training and awareness raising concerning security and health in the office cleaning. It deals with the ergonomic aspects (bodily position, working positions, etc) of the most common tasks in the cleaning of premises and integrates of course, as much as possible, aspects linked to safety. This manual has to be set in a training context – either provided in a training centre or in the company itself – and should therefore not be handed over to the workers without any kind of explanation as to its contents. This Manual was created in the framework of the European Social Dialogue with the financial support of the European Commission.

Available in English, French and German.

Health & Safety in the office cleaning sector (2000)

This manual presents, in a simple and user friendly way, the most frequent occupational risks in office cleaning and provides preventative measures. It can be used as a support for training sessions (trainers’ manual available upon request), distributed to workers in the framework of awareness raising campaigns, or used by companies’ management in the frame of professional risks prevention schemes. It was realised in the framework of the Social Dialogue with the financial support of the European Commission.

Available in English and French.

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