The EFCI represents the interests of the cleaning and facility services industry before the European Institutions, other stakeholders and in the European Social Dialogue.

We promote the industry and share information to harness opportunities for the sector.

We work with our Members to promote and protect the interest of the cleaning and facility services industries and to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and image through advocacy, information sharing, networking, social dialogue and EU projects.

We cooperate with other industrial organisations and stakeholders to ensure the protection and promotion of the sector’s interests.

We develop projects relevant for the sector and work on topics such as the recognition of the profession, responsible procurement, the promotion of services’ quality and of vocational training.

We facilitate networking and capacity building for our member organisations.

The EFCI is recognized by the European Commission as a European sectoral social partner. The EFCI is the industry’s representative in the European Social Dialogue, where we work intensively with UNI Europa to develop common projects. The EFCI is also the sectoral employers representative in the Undeclared Work Platform.

The EFCI is an active member of the EBSA (European Business Services Alliance), the collective voice of European Business Services Organisations). The EBSA works on increasing knowledge, visibility and recognition of the business services industry at the European level and promotes the convergence of views and positions expressed by European Business Services.