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The EFCIΒ is the recognised European social partner for the cleaning industry.

The EFCI and UNI-Europa have formally engaged in the European sectoral social dialogue since 1999, supported by the European Commission. The Industrial Cleaning social dialogue committee is comprised of members from both organisations.

The European-level social dialogue contributes to improving the economic and business environment and supporting the development of competitive and profitable companies. It also promotes sustainable employment and working conditions in the cleaning industry.

The EFCI and UNI Europa have worked on different projects within the Social Dialogue framework with funding from the European Commission:

  • Prevention of Racial discrimination (2005)
  • Manual on Health and Safety in the office (2006)
  • Ergonomics in Cleaning Operations (2007)
  • Training Kit (2009)
  • Joint position on the Commission proposal to enforce the Posting of Workers’ Directive (2012)
  • EU Online interactive Risk Assessment tool (OiRA) in collaboration with the EU-OSHA (2013)
  • Best Value guide (first version 2014 then 2016)
  • Responsible procurement declaration for the cleaning industry (2016)
  • Use and maintenance of the OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) tool (2018)