The Cleaning Industry in Europe

Update Edition 2016 (data 2014)

This survey carried out by the EFCI provides a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the sector and its development over the last 20 years. It presents the most important socio-economical indicators (turnover, market penetration, number of companies, number of employees, work organisation, etc.) and compares the situation of the industry with the general economic context as well as with other service .

Ergonomics in Cleaning Operations

General manual for training and awareness raising concerning security and health in the office cleaning. It deals with the ergonomic aspects (bodily position, working positions, etc) of the most common tasks in the cleaning of premises and integrates of course, as much as possible, aspects linked to safety. This manual has to be set in a training context – either provided in a training centre or in the company itself – and should therefore not be handed over to the workers without any kind of explanation as to its contents.

(Realised in the framework of the European Social Dialogue with the financial support of the European Commission)

Available in English, French and German.

Selecting best value in public procurements of cleaning services

This guide aims at providing public purchasers with a practical tool designed to assist them in selecting the economically most advantageous tender (offering best value for money), rather than limiting their criteria to the lowest price only.
(Realised in the framework of the European Social Dialogue with the financial support of the European Commission)

Available in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish  .

Format: electronic language version or CD-Rom with all linguistic versions

Health & Safety in the office cleaning sector

This manual presents, in a simple and user friendly way, the most frequent occupational risks in office cleaning and provides preventative measures. It can be used as a support for training sessions (trainers’ manual available upon request), distributed to workers in the framework of awareness raising campaigns, or used by companies’ management in the frame of professional risks prevention schemes.
(Realised in the framework of the Social Dialogue with the financial support of the European Commission)

Available in Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Swedish.

Industrial Cleaning – Training Kit

This teaching tool offers a full training on CD-Rom in 6 languages for basic office cleaning. It is divided into 8 sessions (floors, furniture, sanitary fittings and fixtures, health and safety, waste collection, work relationships, work organisation, personal development). It allows for evaluation of the trainees through theoretical and practical tests. The whole training session takes 4,5 working days but can be divided into separate sessions. The teaching approach is simple and detailed in the introduction. This kit can be used by training centres or directly by companies.
(Realised with the financial support of the European Commission – programme Leonardo da Vinci).

Available on cd-Rom in Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Cleaning Industry – European Social Dialogue

This folder was published on the occasion of the evaluation of the results achieved after 10 years of social dialogue in the industry. It contains the main joint texts adopted by the EFCI and its partner, UNI-Europa as well as a synthesis of the major initiatives undertaken since 1991.

Available in English and French.

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