General Assembly, Board of Directors and Bureau

The EFCI operates through its General Assembly, Board of Directors and its Bureau.

  • The General Assembly is the governing body of the EFCI. It brings all members together once a year to decide on all issues affecting the Federation.
  • The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Federation, meeting on average three times per year.
  • The Bureau is the permanent body of the EFCI. It takes decisions to prepare and /or implement the resolutions of the Board of Directors.

For the period June 2016 – June 2019, the Board of Directors is composed of:

President: Mr. Yvan FIEREMANS (BE)

Yvan Fieremans is the President of the EFCI and of the Belgian Federation of Cleaning Industries (ABSU-UGBN). He is a member of the CA of Cleaning Masters and has been working in the Cleaning sector for 30 years. He was President of the EFCI during the period 2001 – 2004 and is the President for the period 2016 – 2019.

Treasurer: Mrs. Hilde ENGELS (BE)


Mr. Bengt JÖDAHL (ALMEGA, SE, past President of the EFCI)
Mr. Dieter KUHNERT (BIV, DE)
Mr. Gerhard KOMAREK (BIG, AT)
Mr. Juan DIEZ DE LOS RIOS (ASPEL, ES, President elect for 2019-2022)
Mrs. Pia GRAMEN (Finnish Real Estate Employers, FI)
Mr. Salvatore NAVARRA (ANIP-Confindustria, IT)


EFCI Secretariat

The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the association and coordinates EFCI’s activities. The Secretariat also monitors and analyses issues of common interest to its members and informs members about trends, important industry developments and their implications for the sector. It is based in Brussels, at the heart of the European affairs district.