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EFCI News – Issue 8 | June 2020


EFCI News - Issue 8


The EFCI released on 8 June its vision on the role to play and needs of the European industrial cleaning sector in the post-Covid-19 Europe: “The European Cleaning Industry, a key partner for the post-Covid-19 Europe”. The vision paper underlines how, if supported by the adequate measures, the sector will continue to be essential  not only in guaranteeing hygiene and cleanliness in the pathway to the “new normal” but also in the creation of employment and the integration of young people and workers with transferable skills in the post-Covid-19 labour market.

The vision paper underlines the key role that industrial cleaning companies are playing in Europe’s reopening, as recognised by various EU Institutions’ recent initiatives. Further, it presents the challenges that the sector is experiencing. The  purpose of the document is then twofold: i) underlying the sector’s current role and great potential in the recovery and relaunch of our economies and societies, and ii) identifying its urgent needs for targeted support measures to fulfil such potential. In this regard, the paper calls for the promotion of good contracting practices and the shift to quality in the criteria to purchase cleaning services.



On 22 May FEP launched the Television Campaign “Utiles à Tous” and a dedicated website in order to provide cleaning agents and companies with a long overdue recognition for their key work in ensuring hygiene and safety during the Covid-19 crisis.

FEP issued on 19 June the 2020 edition of the “Chiffres Clés”. The report presents the latest data available pre Covid-19 crisis and provides an overview of the sector’s evolution during the last year in terms of social, economic or training aspects. The document also presents the major actions carried out by the sector to respond to the challenges that cleaning companies are facing.

ANIP-Confindustria (IT):

Confindustria Servizi HCFS –Hygiene, Cleaning & Facility Services, Labour Safety Solutions is organizing, under the direction of Paolo Valente, the fifth edition of the event dedicated to the world of facility services: LIFE  (The Labour Intensive Facility Event). This edition will be held online with a cycle of webinars on various relevant topics for the sector. “LIFE 2020 Special Edition” kicked off on 25 June with a first session dedicated to “Cleanliness, Hygiene and Safety: the new service market in Italy” where the CRESME research center presented a comprehensive study on the business services market in Italy.


After a first  Corona Special Survey in April 2020, BIV published on 18 June the results of a second dedicated survey conducted from 1 to 14 June among 500 member companies. Among the main results: 84% of companies have lost revenue, 62% of the companies report a drop in orders with a lower scope of services, 45% of companies still have short-time employment schemes in place, 16% of companies kept laying off workers beyond May.