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EFCI News – Issue 5 | March 2020


EFCI News - Issue 5


While European institutions are unanimously calling for solidarity and collaborating to develop an EU-level response to the common challenge, the EFCI is calling on decision-makers at EU and national level to provide the  sector with the necessary tools to (i) continue developing its crucial role throughout the crisis and (ii) ensure the continuity of our companies during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

On 18 March, the EFCI published a first statement to address the urgent need for national and European authorities to:

(i) ensure sufficient supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as hydroalcoholic gels and disinfectants to cleaning agents involved in high risk interventions;

(ii) to equalize sanitization, cleaning and hygiene operations to sanitary activities when it comes to guaranteeing workers’ safety and maximum efficiency;

(iii) to ensure the free movement of cleaning companies’ personnel and vehicles within and across national borders.  to enable cleaning companies to perform their duties in sanitisation.


Furthermore, on 27 March the EFCI addressed decision makers in a Second Statement asking them to 

(i) recognise cleaning as essential services and by this enable: (i) the provision PPEs for cleaning agents; (ii) cleaning agents’ and companies access to confined areas and cross-border movement as well as (iii) access to daycare and schools for cleaning agents’ children during lockdowns.

(ii) The EFCI also demands to ensure the continuity of cleaning companies’ activities and preserve employment in the cleaning sector affected by offices, leisure and school’s temporary closure. In particular, addressing public procurers the EFCI asks them to adopt the necessary measures (i) to prevent suspensions or terminations of contracts with cleaning services suppliers or (ii) assume the labour costs for the duration of their suspension.

In this unprecedented moment, the EFCI will continue to be on the listen to the industry’s needs and recommendations and ensure the specific necessities of the cleaning sector are taken into account and acted upon at national and European level.



28/03/2020, During the review of the Decreto Cura Italia, President Lorenzo Mattioli asked for the highest priority on the supply of personal protective equipment, hampered by EU customs blocks, to companies involved in sanitation, hygiene and cleaning”.

23/03/2020, Press Release of Lorenzo Mattioli on the inclusion of the Italian Cleaning and Facility Services industry in the list of essential activities. “If we are considered essential, however, we need our employees to be able to work safely, and therefore the supply of personal protective equipment must be guaranteed” added the President of ANIP – Confindustria.
Social Media Campaign “In buone mani”


19/03/2020, Letter to the Spanish Health Minister calling on the Spanish Government to officially declare the Industrial Cleaning sector as an essential activity while ensuring the safety of cleaning agents involved in high-risk disinfection and sanitisation operations by providing them with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Providers of cleaning products and material are currently prevented by the state to supply our member companies with Individual Protection Equipment.

Interview in the media: Aspel actions were covered by several Spanish media. For instance, see the following article in El País.


26/03/2020, From the Special Coronavirus Toolbox: Practical Guidelines from the MEDEF on French and European measures regarding management of respiratory protection masks type FFP2 / FFP3.

Special Coronavirus Toolbox providing information on different national measures including (1) sanitary recommendations and PPE, (2) right to paid sick and parental leave and (3) the industrial sector response to the economic impact of the health crisis on businesses.

23/03/2020, Open Letter calling French Government to include cleaning companies in the list of so-called “essential professions” for maintaining PUBLIC? health. Furthermore, it informs on the French Health Ministry’s new guidelines on PPEs.


19/03/2020, Public statement together with the German Private Security Employers Association requesting health insurance companies to subsidise salaries as of week 1 (currently at as of week 6) of the employee’s sick leave. In accordance to this, health insurance companies must receive a corresponding tax-financed subsidy. The associations also request a suspension of social security contributions’ prepayment to avoid companies’ insolvency. The document also includes a petition to extend short-time allowances to workers under mini-job contracts.

30/03/2020 Twitter Campaign “Our home office is the entire Germany”.