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EFCI News – Issue 9| July 2020


EFCI News - Issue 9

EBSA Statement on Helping Europe to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic

While supporting the European Commission Skills Agenda and the European Single Market barriers report, EBSA  members highlight how further action is needed in order to i) revitalize the Single Market for Business Services, ii) reinstate efficient public procurement practices while enhancing the focus on quality and fair competition, iii) ease the administrative procedures to access liquidity and funding through the European Recovery Initiative, iv) implement the Commissions’ ambitious objectives in upskilling and reskilling of workers and v) encouraging a flexible, sector-specific approach to temporary unemployment support schemes and to their lifting.
To EBSA Statement on Helping Europe to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic



FEP (FR): Survey results 

Together with BVA, the FEP conducted a survey to better understand the perception of professional cleaning by the French public. Further, after a first survey on the impact of the Covid-19 socio-economic crisis, FEP released on 7 July the results of a second survey regarding the state of French cleaning companies in the post-Covid-19 context. French cleaning companies claim 34% (compared to 51% in March-April)  turnover loss due to the Covid-19 confinement measures and 38%  (compared to 61% in March-April) decrease in the demand from the services sectors, offices and public administration buildings.

Commenting both survey results, FEP’s President, Philippe Jouanny, underlined how,  when combined, they reveal a contradictory tendency: while French public considers hygiene and cleanliness as indispensable to their new normal, customers are not always ready to choose the quality offered by professional cleaning services over a price-based approach.

To FEP’s second survey on the impact of Covid-19 on the sector.


ANIP-Confindustria (IT): LIFE DigitalTalks

ANIP-Confindustria, under the umbrella of Confindustria Servizi HCFS – Hygiene, Cleaning & Facility Services, will hold on August 4 the third online digitalTalk of LIFE (The Labour Intensive Facility Event) fifth edition. Following the presentation of the Guide on Cleaning and Sanification operations entitled “Sanificazione in Italia; manuale e buone prassi per la pulizia e la sanificazione degli ambienti”, during this session ANIP- Confindustria will discuss with the Italian Ministry for the South and Territorial Cohesion business services’ contribution to Italy’s development and recovery in the post-Covid-19 context. 

For more information on LIFE events, follow ANIP-Confindustria Twitter and LinkedIn accounts or visit their website.



On 21 July,  Aspel’s President, Juan Díez de los Ríos, explained to the specialized media  Revista Limpiezas the urgent need to harmonise the provisions (under RD 830/2010) detailing the list of professional disinfectant products for the exclusive use of cleaning companies with the European legislation on the matter. The Spanish cleaning sector and its professionals need to be on an equal footing with the rest of the EU. “If any company has to carry out its work outside our borders, it must be able to do so with all possible guarantees and not with the current limitations” said Aspel’s President, stating that ASPEL will request all necessary meetings to inform  the Spanish Government on the need for a new  harmonised standard to further enable the sector to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 contagion and ensure public health in Europe.