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EFCI News – Issue 17 May 2021


EFCI News - Issue 17


On 5 May, and ahead of the Porto Social Summit, 10 sectoral employers organizations (Ceemet, CoESS, EBF, ECEG, EuroCommerce, FIEC, Geopa, Hotrec and WEC Europe and the EFCI) made public a Joint Statement showing a common position on the Commission’s proposal on minimum wage. The Statement has had wide repercussion on the EU-affairs specialized media and ahead of the Porto Social Summit.

In the Joint Statement, the 10 organizations state that:

  • The chosen legal basis is problematic and could lead to competence conflict in the context of setting minimum wages and collective bargaining as these two issues are excluded from the TFEU.
  • The provisions on the coverage of collective agreements clearly violate the autonomy of social partners. The Directive would therefore not achieve its aim to promote social dialogue and collective bargaining in Europe at a time when good social partnership is needed most.
  • The decisions on adequacy of member states’ minimum wage systems are national prerogatives. To not upset the division of competences between the EU and the member states, the Directive’s provisions should be designated as recommendations.

The proposal is currently being discussed by the European Parliament and the Council, that has already issued an opinion by its legal services. The Parliament’s Employment Committee is foreseen to issue a final vote in September 2021, whilst the date for a final vote at the Parliament plenary remains unknown.

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