EFCI’s Social Media Campaign: In Good Hands

In the context of the COVID-19, the EFCI launched on 8 April a pan-European campaign (#InGoodhands) to last for two weeks. The campaign takes its motto from ANIP-Confindustria’s Italian campaign (#InBuoneMani) and goes European to give wider visibility to the paramount role that cleaning agents and companies are playing and voice the specific needs and concerns of the industry in the context of the current crisis. Follow the campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Read more about it: Press Release on EFCI’s Social Media Campaign In Good Hands

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Articles on EFCI’s 30th Anniversary

Videos and Photos

EFCI’s 30th anniversary video 

Message from Commissioner Marianne Thyssen to the EFCI (Nov. 2018)

EFCI’s 2019 Conference

Message from Simona Bonafè (European Parliament) to the EFCI (June 2019)


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Building on the current growth of the EFCI and the success of its recent events and advocacy initiatives, the EFCI has decided to open some of its activities to sponsorship in 2020.

Sponsorship opportunities are opened exclusively to suppliers (excluding cleaning companies).