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ANIP Confindustria – Associazione Nazionale Imprese di Pulizia e Servizi Associati

Technical Information and Support:

  • 12/05/2020, Italian State Measures, INVITALIA (the National Agency for Inward Investment and Economic Development) presented the Impresa Sicura call to retrospectively reimburse expenditure on PPEs of up to 150,000 EUR per company with a limit of 500 EUR per ANIP-Confindustria’s Task Force developed and explicatory note on the call. Note Task Force.
  • 28/04/2020, Contact Center of the Task Force COVID_19. link. ANIP-Confindustria creates a new instrument to support its companies during the reopening and phasing out of Covid-19 containment measures in Italy.

Advocacy and Regulatory Actions:

    • 28/05/2020, Press Release on the increasing internalisation of school cleaning ahead of the September start. Link (IT), EN Loose translation
    • 15/04/2020, the Social Media Campaign #InBuoneMani continues with a focus on the crucial role that the sanitisation operations will have in gradually phasing out the Covid-19 containment measures. link.
    • 22/03/2020, Press release: Closure of production activities. Services related to hygiene, cleaning, sanitation and safety are strategic for the CORONAVIRUS emergency”, link. English version here.
    • 18/03/2020, Cura Italia “The extraordinary sanitation plan is a step forward for the Services sector. € 120 million budget approved to eradicate coronavirus”, link. English version here.
    • 16/03/2020, Good for the anti-Coronarivus protocol, recognition of the importance of cleaning and sanitation services, link.
    • 14/03/2020, “Thanks to the Premier Conte on masks and worker safety”. Listen to the cleaning, sanitation and sanitation companies, link.
    • 13/03/2020, Coronavirus, businesses: We are working for the country. Housekeeping essential service, but workers are guaranteed. link.
    • 12/03/2020, Open letter to Prime Minister Conte: “Decree recognizes the importance of sanitation, but workers are at high security risk”, link
    • 09/03/2020, Mattioli on Unomattina: “One of the largest sanitation works in the country is underway”, link.
    • 05/03/2020, Schools closed, the stop to cleaning contracts becomes damage to the community. Companies ready for an extraordinary sanitation campaign to restore serenity among pupils, families and staff, link.


    • Tweet on the recognition by the Italian Government of the cleaning sector’ crucial role in the sanitization campaign in offices, hospital and across the country.
    • Tweet ANIP Confindustria welcomes the decision of Italian Prime Minister to grant personal safety devices free of charges to all workers involved in campaigns against COVID-19 but also demands to equalize the sanitization campaigns to sanitary operations
    • Tweet President of ANIP Confindustria requests to equalise sanitization operations to sanitary operations in an open letter to Prime Minister Conte
    • Tweet President of ANIP Confindustra on national television to emphasise the paramount role of qualified cleaning personnel against COVID-19
    • Tweet on proposing a national sanitizing campaign of schools’ facilities while closed during the crisis