The EFCI is the recognised European social partner by the European Commission for the cleaning sector. This means that the EFCI is the interlocutor of the European Institutions for social matters, but also for all other policy projects affecting the industry.
  • Prevention of racial discrimination (2005)
  • Manual on health and safety in the office (2006)
  • Ergonomics in cleaning operations (2007)
  • Training kit (2009)
  • Joint position on the Commission proposal to enforce the Posting of Workers’ Directive (2012)
  • EU Online interactive Risk Assessment tool (OiRA), in collaboration with the EU-OSHA (2013)
  • Selecting Best Value Guide (first version: 2014; second version:2016)
  • Declaration on Responsible Procurement for the cleaning industry (2016)
  • Use and maintenance of the OiRA tool (2018)
  • Joint statement on the impact of digitalisation on employment in the Cleaning and Facility Services Industry (2019)

The Work Programme of the European Social Dialogue Committee for Industrial Cleaning 2019-2020 focuses on the following issues.

EFCI’s Sector Survey
In June 2019, the EFCI published a Trend Report “The European Cleaning Industry 1995-2016” analysing the evolution of the sector during the last past 20 years. This statistical report builds on the historical EFCI Surveys and presents the evolution in the sector from different angles. It gives relevant comparisons at national level.

The Trend Report shows that the cleaning industry experienced an impressive growth over the last 20 years. The industry’s turnover tripled to 107 billion Euro and employment increased by 80 %. This excellent performance is partly explained by the diversification of the sector’s activities.

Since 1987, the EFCI has been publishing once every two years the “EFCI Survey” on the state of the European cleaning sector, providing an in-depth look on the sector. It focuses on market development and employment trends and makes relevant comparisons between the studied countries. The EFCI Survey is the only available analysis at European level offering research-based statistical and factual information about the European cleaning industry.

Selecting Best Value

The EFCI and UNI-Europa have developed a guide for private and public organisations awarding contracts for public services. The Guide assists buyers in their tendering process by guiding them through elaboration of tenders and developing the criterion that lead to the selection of quality services and the benefits attached to them. The Guide was developed with the financial support of the European Commission and in the framework of the European Social Dialogue.

The Guide aims at raising awareness about the consequences of selecting lowest bids instead of best value. The focus on price in cleaning services bids can lead to the creation of unfair competition among employers, which can contribute to adverse conditions for cleaners. Equally, lowest bidders may not be respecting wage legislation, social contributions or tax obligations.

The Guide covers all aspects of cleaning services tender procedures:

  • Defining the buyers and their needs, and what a quality service would look like for them;
  • Drawing up a procurement procedure where these quality elements are reflected;
  • Comparing tender submissions through a practical tool, whereby different bids can be evaluated against the originally selected quality criterion;
  • Evaluating bids using the selected quality criterion and selecting the bid with the highest quality.

Training and skills

The EFCI is currently conducting a study on the provision of training in the cleaning sector across Europe.

If your organisation is interested in contributing to the study, please contact the Secretariat.

EFCI’s Conferences and Events

Since 2009, the EFCI has organised annual Conferences on the most relevant topics for the industry, with the participation of industry experts and policy makers:
  • Sustainable Development in the Cleaning Industry (2010)
  • Cleaning companies’ strategies during the economic crisis 2008-2009 and the economic recovery since 2010 (2011)
  • CSR and sustainable development in public procurement (2012)
  • Sustainable competitiveness in the Cleaning Industry (2013)
  • Renewed European Parliament and Commission – what is in for business services? (2014)
  • People and Businesses in the Cleaning Industry (2015)
  • Challenges from demographic change: the labour market now and in the future (2016)
  • Policy on Health and Safety at Work: modernisation of the EU OSH legislation and policy (June 2017)
  • Standards, Education and VET in the Cleaning Sector at national and European levels (2018)
  • Cleaning and facility services: shaping the industry for the future (2019)
On 22 November 2018, the EFCI celebrated its 30th anniversary. During the event, the EFCI presented its new image and name, with which it opened a new period for the federation.