Conference 2019

Conference 2019

EFCI’s 2019 Conference took place on 28 June 2019 in Brussels under the title “Cleaning and Facility Services: shaping the industry for the future”.
The Conference succeeded in becoming a reflection point for the industry by tackling the challenges ahead without forgetting to look back to the successful history of the sector. The Conference reunited more than 100 representatives from the European Institutions, experts from the sector and its stakeholders and was hailed as very successful in terms of the relevant sessions and quality of the presentations.

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In four different panels, speakers and delegates analysed the past, the present and specially, the future challenges of the sector:
• “An industry in evolution”, during which EFCI’s trend report The Cleaning Industry in Europe 1995-2016 was presented and analysed;
• “Innovating in a labour-intensive industry”, during which social aspects of digitalisation and CSR were discussed;
• “An innovative value chain”, during which policy-makers, industry representatives and clients presented their visions on where to put the accent on innovation;
• “C for Circular Economy”, during which representatives of the European institutions and industry representatives explained how facility services can better integrate in the circular economy and how can it provide business value.

Simona Bonafè (Member of the European Parliament) explained in a video-address that Circular Economy “is a change of paradigm compared to the actual situation, and it needs innovation and investment, but it is a unique opportunity to create business value and attractiveness for services”:

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